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Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey (Book Review 2010-35)

Jekel Loves Hyde
by Beth Fantaskey

Product Details

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (May 3, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0152063900

Source:  Around the World ARC Tours

Description From GoodReads

Jill Jekel has always obeyed her parents’ rules – especially the one about never opening the mysterious, old box in her father’s office. But when her dad is murdered, and her college savings disappear, she's tempted to peek inside, as the contents might be key to a lucrative chemistry scholarship.

To better her odds, Jill enlists the help of gorgeous, brooding Tristen Hyde, who has his own dark secrets locked away. As the team of Jekel and Hyde, they recreate experiments based on the classic novel, hoping not only to win a prize, but to save Tristen’s sanity. Maybe his life. But Jill’s accidental taste of a formula unleashes her darkest nature and compels her to risk everything – even Tristen’s love – just for the thrill of being… bad.


In this take off of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two teens play the starring roles, of course named Jekel and Hyde.  In this version the two are star-crossed lovers who beat the odds of chemistry (literarly).  I did enjoy this story and thought the author did a great job voicing both the character of Jill Jekel and Tristen Hyde from each point of view.  I just found that parts of the banter between them seemed a little too forced.  Overall, this is a great paranormal romance where things are not what they seem.  This should be read by older teens since there is some heavy romance (almost sex) and a little violence (verbal and physical). 

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GIVEAWAY -- Mia the Magnificent by Eileen Boggess (Book Review 2010-34)

Mia the Magnificent by Eileen Boggess

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 161 pages
  • Publisher: Bancroft Press; 1 edition (January 4, 2010)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1890862671
Source:  Publisher

Description From GoodReads
After one summer at the Little Tykes Theatre, Mia Fullerton is meek no more, but that doesn t make her life any easier not in her sophomore year at St. Hilary's, when her best friend Lisa forces her into a dangerously big part in The Music Man. Not when her ex-boyfriend, Tim, is teaching her little brother Chris to treat women like objects. And not when she learns to drive with serious repercussions. Who is Mia? Is she an independent girl like Zoe her acerbic goth friend from Little Tykes? She d like to be that s why she's volunteering to be onstage for the first time, in a show populated by her first ex and childhood crush Jake, her arch-nemesis Cassie, and new girl in town Alyssa. That s why it's so important she overcome the bizarre driving instruction of St. Hilary's janitor Mr. Corrigan to earn her driver s license, and therefore her freedom. Or is she the girl who misses Tim, even after the way he betrayed her? Tim is smart, funny, and likeable in a distinctly obnoxious way, and he s determined to win Mia back even if he has a funny way of doing so, dating both Cassie and Alyssa at the same time, behind both their backs. Can Mia forgive Tim? Should she instead choose Eric, Zoë s cousin, a nicer and more respectful choice in every way? Or would either choice defeat her goals of independence? And when the worst-case scenarios rear their heads when Mia is forced into the lead in The Music Man, when her first night out on the road goes horribly, when Chris appears headed entirely to the dark side does Mia on her own have what it takes to set things right? Between dog costumes and stage costumes, big embarrassments and bigger chickens, bad singing and worse crashes, and everything else that could possibly go wrong, Mia the Magnificent is a hilarious, clever, and endlessly fun novel, and the best installment yet of the Mia Fullerton series.

About the Author:


This is a very entertaining story about a high school sophmore finding her way in life.  It is very funny and captures the thoughts and banter of girls this age perfectly.  I wish I had started this series from the beginning, but I had no problem picking up on the the background of Mia quickly.  I think this can stand alone easily.  This is appropriate for younger teens and fans of Lauren Myracle and Sara Mlynowski won't be disappointed.


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Every Dog Has a Gift by Rachel McPherson (Book Review 2010-33)

Every Dog Has A Gift:
True Stories of Dogs Who Bring Hope & Healing into Our Lives

By Rachel McPherson

Product Details
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Tarcher (March 18, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1585427956

Obtained From:  Publisher

Product Description From Amazon
Inspiring stories of dogs who do good.
Anyone who has ever had a relationship with a dog will tell you: They want nothing more than to give love and be loved in return. In Every Dog Has a Gift, Rachel McPherson draws on her experience as the founder and executive director of The Good Dog Foundation, the largest animal-assisted therapy organization on the East Coast, to share the amazing stories of dogs that bring hope and healing into our lives.
Much has been said about the heroic roles dogs played following September 11th and Hurricane Katrina in providing support and comfort for the families and victims of these terrible tragedies, but the truth is that millions of dogs around the world are heroes every day. These therapy and service dogs (and often quite ordinary, "uncertified" dogs just like your own!) can:
*serve as the perfect audience for kids who need help with practicing and improving their reading skills;
*hold troubled families together;
*provide a calm and centering presence for autistic children, and
*help individuals who have lost the ability to walk to more easily navigate the world.
Every Dog Has a Gift is a celebration of the gift that each and every dog possesses: the ability to bring the healing power of unconditional love into our lives.

About the Author
Rachel McPherson is the founder and executive director of The Good Dog Foundation. McPherson started the foundation in 1998 following a successful career in film and television. The Good Dog Foundation's central office is in New York City, and it also runs training programs in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The Good Dog Foundation


What a wonderful and inspiring book this turned out to be.  The authors does a great job about explaining exactly what a service dog is, what they can do and how you can train your own dog.  The most important point of this book is that you don't need a special dog or a lot of special training to turn your own dog into a service dog.  

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BLOG TOUR: Shadow Blade Seressia Glass by (Book Review 2010-32)

Shadow Blade

by Seressia Glass

Product Details

  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (January 26, 2010)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439156797 
Source:  Publisher 

Description from GoodReads:
For Kira Solomon, normal was never an option.

Kira's day job is as an antiquities expert, but her true calling is as a Shadowchaser. Trained from youth to be one of the most lethal Chasers in existence, Kira serves the Gilead Commission, dispatching the Fallen who sow discord and chaos. Of course, sometimes Gilead bureaucracy is as much a thorn in her side as anything the Fallen can muster against her. Right now, though, she's got a bigger problem. Someone is turning the city of Atlanta upside down in search of a millennia-old Egyptian dagger that just happens to have fallen into Kira's hands.
Then there's Khefar, the dagger's true owner -- a near-immortal 4,000-year-old Nubian warrior who, Kira has to admit, looks pretty fine for his age. Joining forces is the only way to keep the weapon safe from the sinister Shadow forces, but now Kira is in deep with someone who holds more secrets than she does, the one person who knows just how treacherous this fight is. Because every step closer to destroying the enemy is a step closer to losing herself to Shadow forever....

About the Author


This book developed quickly into a good deal of action and for a debut Urban Fantasy, the world building was quick and elegantly done. I liked the characters of Kira and Khefar and the sexual tension developed nicely.  There are also some nicely written passages linking the past with the present for Kira.  It will be interesting to see how this story develops in the next book.

Shadow Blade: Thursday, February 25th
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Waiting on Wednesday: Bite Me by Christopher Moore

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: March 23, 2010
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Format: Hardcover, 320pages



The undead rise again in Bite Me, the third book in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore’s wonderfully twisted vampire saga. Joining his farcical gems Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck, Moore’s latest in continuing story of young, urban, nosferatu style love, is no Twilight—but rather a tsunami of the irresistible outrageousness that has earned him the appellation, “Stephen King with a whoopee cushion and a double-espresso imagination” from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and inspired Denver’s Rocky Mountain News to declare him, “the 21st century’s best satirist.”


Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell (Book Review 2010-31)

Miss O'Dell: My Life with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Women Who Loved Them

by Chris O'Dell, Katherine Ketcham (Contributor)

Product Details
  • Hardcover: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Touchstone (October 6, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416590934 
Source:  Public Library

Description From Amazon

She was in the studio when the Beatles recorded The White Album, Abbey Road, and Let It Be, and when Paul recorded "Hey Jude," she sang in the chorus.
She was at Ringo's kitchen table when George Harrison said, "You know, Ringo, I'm in love with your wife." And Ringo replied, "Better you than someone we don't know."
She typed the lyrics to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. She lived with George and Pattie Boyd at Friar Park, developed a crush on Eric Clapton, and unwittingly got involved in the famous love story between Eric and Pattie.
She's the subject of Leon Russell's "Pisces Apple Lady," a song he wrote to woo her. Other rock legends with whom she was intimate include Ringo, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan.
She worked with the Rolling Stones as their personal assistant on their infamous 1972 tour and did a drug run for Keith Richards.
She's "the woman down the hall" in Joni Mitchell's song "Coyote" about a love triangle on Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue tour. She's the "mystery woman" pictured on the back of the Rolling Stones album Exile on Main Street. She's the "Miss O'Dell" of George Harrison's song about her.
Miss O'Dell is the remarkable story of an ordinary woman who lived the dream of millions -- to be part of rock royalty's trusted inner circle. Illustrated with private photographs and jam-packed with intimate anecdotes, Miss O'Dell is a backstage pass to some of the most momentous events in rock history.

About the Author


I am such a sucker for rock and roll biographies.  This one is a nice take on the backstage lifestyle from someone who was there through rock history's most famous moments.  Chris O"Dell tells a very intriguing story and it makes you feel like you were there.

Gone by Lisa McMann (Book Review 2010-30)


Gone (Dream Catcher, #3)
by Lisa McMann

Product Details

* Reading level: Young Adult
* Hardcover: 224 pages
* Publisher: Simon Pulse; 1 edition (February 9, 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-13: 978-1416979180

Obtained From:  Book Trade

Description From Good ReadsJanie thought she knew what her future held. And she thought she’d made her peace with it. But she can’t handle dragging Cabel down with her.

She knows he will stay with her, despite what she sees in his dreams. He’s amazing. And she’s a train wreck. Janie sees only one way to give him the life he deserves: She has to disappear. And it’s going to kill them both.
Then a stranger enters her life — and everything unravels. The future Janie once faced now has an ominous twist, and her choices are more dire than she’d ever thought possible. She alone must decide between the lesser of two evils. And time is running out. . . .

About the Author


Gone is an excelent conclusion to the Dream Catchers series.  I am so sad that this has come to an end.  These stories are so wonderfully sublime and gets across so many feelings and thoughts with few words.  I am a huge fan of books like this and it shows what talent McMann has as an author.  This series is best read in order since each book builds on the beginning.  It is also more suited to older teens since there are some underage drinking, alcoholic mother and sexual situations through out the book.  I think this would appeal to almost everyone though since the main character of Janie is just so strong and how she overcomes all of the obsticles in her life.


AND THE WINNER IS: Dino Vicelli, Private Eye by Lori Weiner

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Stop by Libby's Library News: HOW TO NEVER LOOK FAT AGAIN / Giveaway

Stop by and enter to win a copy of How To Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp!

Libby's Library News: HOW TO NEVER LOOK FAT AGAIN / Giveaway

I have one of her other books and it is fabulous!

Runaway (Airhead, #3) by Meg Cabot (Book Review 2010-29)

Runaway (Airhead, #3)

by Meg Cabot 
  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (April 20, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0545040600
Obtained From: Around the World ARC Tours
Description From GoodReads
Emerson Watts is on the run: from school, from work, from her family, from her friends, from herself. With everyone she loves furious with her for something she can't explain, and nothing but the live Stark Angel fashion show on New Year's Eve to look forward to, Em's reached the end of her rope. . .what's the point of even going on?
But when she discovers the truth about Nikki's secret, she knows there's only one person she can turn to.

Will Christopher be able to put aside his personal feelings and help her expose her employer to the world? Is it even fair to get Christopher involved--since if he agrees, there's every chance that Stark Enterprises will try to have them both killed--this time, permanently?
Maybe it would be better for Em to just keep on running.

About the Author


This is an excellent conclusion to the Airhead series and  I am going to miss these characters.  Without getting into too much detail about the plot, Em follows through where the story ended in the second book, Being Nikki.  I found myself reading this one straight through in just a few hours.  I think this series would be great for reluctant teen readers.  It is appropriate even for the younger ones since there is not much violence, some kissing and shows that it is important to stay in school.


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Spider's Bite
(Elemental Assassin, #1)
by Jennifer Estep

Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (January 26, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1439147979

Obtained From: Publisher

Description From GoodReads
My name is Gin, and I kill people."

My name is Gin Blanco. They call me the Spider — the most feared assassin in the South (and a part-time cook at the Pork Pit BBQ joint.) As a Stone elemental, I can hear the whispers of the gravel beneath my feet and feel the vibrations of the soaring mountains above me, though I don't use my powers on the job unless I absolutely have to. Call it professional pride.
After a ruthless Air elemental double-crossed me and killed my handler, I'm out for revenge. And I'll exterminate anyone who gets in my way. I may look hot in a miniskirt, but I'm still one of the bad guys. Which is why I'm in trouble when irresistibly rugged Detective Donovan Caine agrees to help. The last thing a coldhearted killer needs when she's battling a magic more powerful than her own is a sexy distraction ... especially when he wants her dead just as much as the enemy. 

About the Author:


I have loved Jennifer Estep's previous books and this was above and beyond anything she has written before.  Gin is such a striking character and there were a few twists that I didn't guess until I read the words.  The world build in this Urban Fantasy goes quickly and you are drawn right in.
There is a lot of humor here as well action.  Lots of action.  I think if you enjoy Jennifer Rardin and MLN Hanover, this will be right up your alley.

Spider’s Bite: Thursday, February 18th

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Time Flies When You're in a Coma: The Wisdom of the Metal Gods by Mike Daly (Book Review 2010-27)

Time Flies When You're in a Coma:
The Wisdom of the Metal Gods

by Mike Daly

Product Details
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Plume (October 28, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0452289772

Obtained From Book Trade
Description From:  GoodReads
Hilarious head-scratchers for heavy-metal head- bangers.
Generations of teenagers have turned to the lyrics of eighties metal anthems for guidance and support. After all, besides a haircut, a few pesky social diseases, some short jail time, heavy eyeliner, and multiple drug addictions, what separates the Metal Gods from the Deepak Chopras and Anthony Robbinses of the world? Songwriter-producer Mike Daly brings together their philosophical gems in a collection of Zen Questions, Daily Affirmations, Meditations, and Words of Wisdom. This hilarious gift book is a heavy-metal banquet for the eyes and soul.


A very clever gift book that takes on a lot of the inane lyrics written by heavy metal gods.  There are beautiful pictures that accompany each lyric and this will be appreciated by all fans of this musical style.   You do have to wonder at what was behind these words when they were written. 
This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to bang their head. 

Heavy Metal Pulp: Pleasure Model by Christopher Rowley (Book Review 2010-26)

Heavy Metal Pulp:
Pleasure Model:
Netherworld Book One

by Christopher Rowley
Product Details

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Tor Books (February 2, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0765323880

Obtained From:  GoodReads First Reads / Publisher

Description From GoodReads
Presenting Heavy Metal Pulp, a new line of novels combining noir fiction with fantastic art featuring the themes, story lines, and graphic styles of Heavy Metal magazine.
In Pleasure Model, the first book in the Netherworld trilogy, down-and out police detective Rook gets a big break when he’s assigned to a bizarre and vicious murder case. The clues are colder than the corpse and the case looks like it’ll remain unsolved—until an eyewitness is discovered. But the witness is a Pleasure Model, an illegal gene-grown human. Plesur’s only purpose is to provide satisfaction to her owner—in any way. When the murderer targets Plesur in order to eliminate the one witness, Rook takes her into hiding to protect her. Thus begins a descent into the dark world of exotic pleasure mods and their illicit buyers and manufacturers. Rook frantically looks for clues, struggling to stay one stop ahead of those looking to kill them both. But is Rook falling under Plesur’s spell….?


What a fun book!  This is really what the title declares it is:  Pulp Fiction.  Peasure Model  is an urban fantasy that the guys are going to eat up.  It was a quick read and there is sex, violence and drugs, no rock and roll though.  I am going to look for the next title in this series since the ending left me hanging a bit.  And isn't that cover awesome since it reminds of something Quentin Tarantino would do.

Waiting on Wednesday Runaway (Airhead) by Meg Cabot

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event  that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating and is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Here is my selection this week:

Product Details
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (April 20, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0545040600

Description From GoodReads
Emerson Watts is on the run: from school, from work, from her family, from her friends, from herself.
With everyone she loves furious with her for something she can't explain, and nothing but the live Stark Angel fashion show on New Year's Eve to look forward to, Em's reached the end of her rope. . .what's the point of even going on?
But when she discovers the truth about Nikki's secret, she knows there's only one person she can turn to.
Will Christopher be able to put aside his personal feelings and help her expose her employer to the world? Is it even fair to get Christopher involved--since if he agrees, there's every chance that Stark Enterprises will try to have them both killed--this time, permanently?
Maybe it would be better for Em to just keep on running...


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And then....

Yeah, those wires should really be connected, but that is what happens when your are trying to prune the roses (that should have been done last month) and your clippers decide you have heard enough music today.

On the other hand -- I have a few rose blooms!

Jacob's Coat


Perchance to Dream: Theatre Illuminata #2 by Lisa Mantchev (Book Review 2010-25)

Perchance to Dream:
(Theatre Illuminata #2)
by Lisa Mantchev

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (May 25, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0312380977

Description From GoodReads
The stuff that dreams are made on.

Act Two, Scene One
Growing up in the enchanted Thèâtre Illuminata, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written. She knew the Players and their parts, but she didn’t know that she, too, had magic. Now, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and determined to follow her stars. She is ready for the outside world.
But the outside world soon proves more topsy-turvy than any stage production. Bertie can make things happen by writing them, but outside the protective walls of the Thèâtre, nothing goes as planned. And her magic cannot help her make a decision between—
Nate: Her suave and swashbuckling pirate, now in mortal peril.
Ariel: A brooding, yet seductive, air spirit whose true motives remain unclear.
When Nate is kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Sea Goddess, only Bertie can free him. She and her fairy sidekicks embark on a journey aboard the Thèâtre’s caravan, using Bertie’s word magic to guide them. Along the way, they collect a sneak-thief, who has in his possession something most valuable, and meet The Mysterious Stranger, Bertie’s father—and the creator of the scrimshaw medallion. Bertie’s dreams are haunted by Nate, whose love for Bertie is keeping him alive, but in the daytime, it’s Ariel who is tantalizingly close, and the one she is falling for. Who does Bertie love the most? And will her magic be powerful enough to save her once she enters the Sea Goddess’s lair?
Once again, LISA MANTCHEV has spun a tale like no other—full of romance, magic, adventure, and fairies, too—that readers won’t want to put down, even after the curtain has closed. 

About the Author
LISA MANTCHEV wrote her first play in fourth grade, and has been involved in the theater ever since. She lives with her husband, daughter, and their hairy miscreant dogs on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Visit her online at


HMMM, Ariel or Nate? That is the question and it is answered in the follow up to Eyes Like Stars.   I loved the setting in the first book, but with the company now touring, it opens up a whole new can of worms.  Bertie is as magical and the fairies are as snarky as ever.  I am not going to reveal any of the details about the plot, but it is everything you want and need. The writing is so beautiful, I had to read this one twice in a row since I was afraid I would miss a detail.  I very rarely read a book again but this one is that special.

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The Moon Looked Down by Dorothy Garlock

Product Description from GoodReads
The new Americana romance from bestselling author Dorothy Garlock, this time set against the backdrop of WWII.
Sophie Heller's family immigrated from Germany to Victory, a small town in Illinois, before WWII began. Now that the war has affected the town, the townspeople discriminate against Sophie and her family. When a train derails, it is an accident but the Heller family is blamed. Coming to Sophie's rescue is a teacher from the high school, and despite their cultural differences, a romance starts to bloom.

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (February 23, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0446616089

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Darker Angels by MLN Hanover (Book Review 2010-24)

Darker Angels by MLN Hanover

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (September 29, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1416576778

Obtained From:  Book Trade

In the battle between good and evil, there's no such thing as a fair fight.

When Jayné Heller's uncle Eric died, she inherited a fortune beyond all her expectations -- and a dangerous mission in a world she never knew existed. Reining in demons and supernatural foes is a formidable task, but thankfully Jayné has vast resources and loyal allies to rely on. She'll need both to tackle a bodyswitching serial killer who's taken up residence in New Orleans, a city rich in voodoo lore and dark magic.
Working alongside Karen Black, a highly confident and enigmatic ex-FBI agent, Jayné races to track down the demon's next intended host. But the closer she gets, the more convinced she becomes that nothing in this beautiful, wounded city is exactly as it seems. When shocking secrets come to light, and jealousy and betrayal turn trusted friends into adversaries, Jayné will soon come face-to-face with an enemy that knows her all too well, and won't rest until it has destroyed everything she loves most....

About the Author
M. L. N. Hanover is an International Horror Guild Award-winning author living in the American southwest.

Really Liked It
I love the tone of Jayne Heller and how she is a normal person trying to cope with a not so normal world that she inherites from her uncle.  The story is inventive and covers a lot of "known" territory when it comes to evil spirits.  I am looking forward to more in this series.

To Your Dog's Health by Mark Poverono (Book Review 2010-23)

To Your Dog's Health by Mark Poverono

Product Details
Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Poor Man's Press (February 1, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0984301706

Obtained From: Publisher

Description From GoodReadsWritten by a man who is passionate about nature and all living creatures, this book contains everything readers could want to know about giving their dogs the best nutrition possible. Arguing that the processed dog foods on the market today ignore the health needs of most dogs, author Mark Poveromo--an expert in animal nutrition and owner of a dog and cat food store--provides readers with information on dog-food brands, holistic and raw dog foods, and recipes tailored to dogs with specific health issues, such as cancer or kidney disease.
Don't be surprised if To Your Dog's Health! makes you apologize to Fido or Fifi for all the years you just opened up any old can or bag of food, put it in a bowl, and left it for the day. And then you get upset, maybe even mad, when you got home from work, tired and maybe a little cranky, only to discover your pet hadn't touched its food.
To Your Dog's Health! just might be your wake up call.

About the Author:

Loved It

This book is full of valuable information for all people who want their dogs to be healthy.  There are recipes to make your own dog food and brands you can purchase ready-made.  I think pet owners have been brain washed that the only food they can feed pets are packaged from manufacturers when the best diet is a natural one.  I am giving this book to my brother to try out on his new puppy and I am going to switch over my dogs to a more natural diet. 

Captivate by Carrie Jones (Book Review 2010-22) ~SPOILERS~

Captivate (Need #2) by Carrie Jones

Product Details
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books (January 5, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1599903422

Obtained From: Book Trade

Description from GoodReads:
Zara and her friends knew they hadn't solved the pixie problem for good. Far from it. The king's needs grow deeper every day he's stuck in captivity, while his control over his people gets weaker. It's made him vulnerable. And now there's a new king in town.

A turf war is imminent, since the new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick nearly killed him in the woods on day one, but Zara came to his rescue. Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together, that he's one of the good guys. Nick isn't buying it, though Zara isn't as sure -- despite herself, she wants to trust the new king. But it's a lot more than her relationship with Nick that is at stake. It's her life -- and his.

About the Author


You are CAPTIVATED right from the start of this one.  This story picks up right where Need leaves off and I thought it was even better than the first one.  Zara is coming more into her own and once again we are left hanging at the end.  When Zara loses Nick she decides to take matters into her own hands as two Fairy Kings fight over her.  She chooses Astley who is supposedly the lesser of two evils and he turns her into a fairy.  The internal angst Zara feels really comes across in the story and you can only hope that she has made the right choice.  I guess we will see in the next installement!

Matchless: A Christmas Story by Gregory Maguire (Book Review 2010-21)

Matchless: A Christmas Story
by Gregory Maguire

Description from GoodReads:
When the story was first translated from Danish and published in England in the mid-nineteenth century, the Little Match Girl's dying visions of lights and a grandmother in heaven were often interpreted as metaphors of religious salvation. In "Matchless", Maguire adds a different dimension to the story, intertwining the match girl's tale with that of a young boy, Frederik, whose own yearnings are the catalyst for a better future for himself and his family. Maguire uses his storytelling magic to rekindle Andersen's original intentions, and to suggest transcendence, the permanence of spirit, and the continuity that links the living and the dead.

About the Author

Product Details
Hardcover: 112 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (October 27, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0061913013

Obtained From:  Book Trade

Loved It

A beautifully written children's novel about the little Match Girl, but retold by Maguire.  I just love his writing style and this is such a perfect book to read out loud to younger children.  I think that any age would enjoy this classic story. 

Dog On It Movie?

Media Madness

Note from Admin: It’s too soon to say there will definitely be a Dog On It movie. All we can say for sure is that it’s in development at Universal, with Mandalay producing and Jeff Lowell writing.
Note from Spence: There’s that pessimism of yours again.

I can't wait for this movie -- I hope it makes it through all of the hoops!

Win an ARC of THE DEMON IN ME!! | Michelle Rowen :: Paranormal Author

Win an ARC of THE DEMON IN ME!! | Michelle Rowen :: Paranormal Author

Michelle Rowen is giving away one copy of her ARC -- the Demon In Me.  Use the above link to post a comment - I so want this one! Ends 2.12.10 and I am guessing it is just the US and maybe Canada. 


Waiting on Wednesday: Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine

Product Description

Felix Gomez, Latino vampire detective extraordinaire, tackles a dangerous werewolf cabal in the fifth installment in Mario Acevedo's satirical supernatural series
A sure-to-be-bloody civil war is brewing between rival werewolf factions, and P.I . Felix Gomez will do anything he can to make sure it doesn't explode into a vicious battle that engulfs all creatures, living and dead.
Between that, the sudden reappearance of an ex-girlfriend, and a gang of other vampires trying to take off his head, this is one rumble even a fanged detective extraordinaire may not be able to handle.

About the Author

Mario Acevedo is the bestselling author of The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, X-Rated Bloodsuckers, The Undead Kama Sutra, and Jailbait Zombie. He lives and writes in Denver, Colorado.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Eos (March 9, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0061567183
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061567186

Allison's Attic of Books: Valentine's Day Book Giveaway!!!! Melinda and the Wild West

You can win Melinda and the Wild West by Linda Weaver Clarke over at Allison's Attic!
Stop by and enter today!

Allison's Attic of Books: Valentine's Day Book Giveaway!!!! Melinda and the Wild West


Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

This is a really cool idea and I wish I was going to be around for this. I will definitely attend the next one!

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

Bloggers and Publishers have the same goals, to bring in readers. This Conference is to discuss what is working online to promote books and what we can do better. How can we work together and with authors to bring readers online? What are Publishers goals in working with Bloggers? What are Bloggers and Reviewers looking for? Join us for panels, discussions and giveaways.


Visit the Wild Rose Press




Register Before February 10th for an extra chance to win.
Register by February 15th recieve a free Ebook Anthology from Heetr Publicity


Romance in the Backseat
Talk About my Favorite Authors
Bitten By Books

Lyra Rose
The Pen Muse
Cheeky Reads
How the Conference Works: This is a two day online event that will feature Blog Talk Radio Discussion Panels and open Forums for more inclusive debate on subjects raised. Attendees can listen to panels live or using the links provided at a later more convenient time. The Forums will remain open and those speaking on the panels will be in the forums afterward to answer questions. The Forums will be held in a private Ning for the Conference.
Registration Information: The Conference is open to Publishers, Bloggers, and Industry Professionals. There is a $20 registration fee per person. The Conference will be held on a private Ning. The code for entrance will be emailed March 1, 2010 allowing Attendees to profile their companies and leave questions for the live panel discusions ahead of time. Links to the Private Blog Talk Radio Show Panels will be emailed to attendees and listed on the Ning.

hipster puppies

hipster puppies

OMG -- this site is just too funny -- Kind of like I haz a cheeseburger for the trendy.


Now why doesn't someone come up with an idea like this for kids?


Every afternoon I give the dogs a kong ball.  I call it a busy ball since it keeps them occupied for about an hour. I do have to put an old blanket down under them since they make a mess with drool and all.  Schatze has figured out a way to wedge it between the couch and and get the treats out easier. 




Size Eight In A Size Zero World

by Meredith Cagen


I have to say you can't judge a book by the cover on this one.  I fell in love with the cover and found the story even more wonderful.  Lindsay is a heroine with flaws and you are cheering for her to overcome her husband, mother and lover to become something in her own right.  The minor characters in the book are quite believable as well. 

I loved how this story takes a different tack on the whole NY social scene.  There is a lot of humor and love in this tale.  You just have to read it and of course there is a reference to "social x-rays".  Oh and dogs!  Yes, Lindsay loves her dog, Digby.  If you enjoy Tom Wolfe, Madeleine Wickham, or Marian Keyes, try this one.

Don't forget to scroll down and read the 20 Questions and enter the giveaway for my copy of this book -- it is autographed too! 

Description from GoodReads:
Meet Lindsay Chandler-a 32 year-old New York working wife and mother with old-fashioned values who thinks she's living a fairy tale life (she's not). Then an unexpected friendship with her upstairs neighbor (he is smart, successful, sophisticated and sexy- she's not) unleashes her passion and re-ignites her sparkle. This liaison causes her to question the way she lives her life. Yearning for a storybook ending, she decides to make changes in her life, embarking on a quest for self re-invention.

Product Details
Paperback: 340 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (November 23, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1440169748

About the Author:

Obtained From:  Author




ARC Giveaway ends 2.28.10

Here are some hints about the three advance reader copy mysteries for this month....These are the first lines from each book:

*I'm surprised by how much the inside of a dead body smells like the inside of a live one. (released 9/09)

*The lion blinked and shifted its weight to one side hoping the dull pain that deprived him of sleep would abate.  It didn't. (released 12/09)

* I should have not answered the phone. (released 10/09)

Want to read these?

Please leave a new comment for each entry. 

I use to pick my winners.  I can only afford to send to the US currently.

+1 Leave a comment with a way to contact you.  You can leave one comment daily for an extra entry.
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Waiting On Wednesday: Changeless by Gail Carriger


Waiitng on Wednesday was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine

Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate, #2) by Gail Carriger
*release date March 30, 2010

Product Description

Alexia Tarabotti, the Lady Woolsey, awakens in the wee hours of the mid-afternoon to find her husband, who should be decently asleep like any normal werewolf, yelling at the top of his lungs. Then he disappears - leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers encamped on her doorstep, a plethora of exorcised ghosts, and an angry Queen Victoria.
But Alexia is armed with her trusty parasol, the latest fashions, and an arsenal of biting civility. Even when her investigations take her to Scotland, the backwater of ugly waistcoats, she is prepared: upending werewolf pack dynamics as only the soulless can.
She might even find time to track down her wayward husband, if she feels like it.

About the Author

Ms. Carriger began writing in order to cope with being raised in obscurity by an expatriate Brit and an incurable curmudgeon. She escaped small town life and inadvertently acquired several degrees in Higher Learning. Ms. Carriger then traveled the historic cities of Europe, subsisting entirely on biscuits secreted in her handbag. She now resides in the Colonies, surrounded by a harem of Armenian lovers, where she insists on tea imported directly from London and cats that pee into toilets. She is fond of teeny tiny hats and tropical fruit. Find out more about the author at
Product Details

 *Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
* Publisher: Orbit (March 30, 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0316074144
* ISBN-13: 978-0316074148

BLOG TOUR -- Searching for Tina Turner by Jacqueline E. Luckett (Book Review 2010-19)


Searching for Tina Turner
by Jacqueline E. Luckett

On the surface, Lena Spencer appears to have it all. She and her wealthy husband Randall have two wonderful children, and they live a life of luxury. In reality, however, Lena finds that happiness is elusive. Randall is emotionally distant, her son has developed a drug habit, and her daughter is disgusted by her mother's "overbearing behavior." When Randall decides that he's had enough of marriage counseling, he offers his wife an ultimatum: "Be grateful for all I've done for you or leave." Lena, realizing that money can't solve her problems and that her husband is no longer the man she married, decides to choose the latter.


At first I thought this was just another chick lit book, but it gives a whole new spin on the genre.  Lena's marriage is in trouble and like so many other women around the age of fifty, she discovers that she has given up more than she bargained for when she supports her husband's rise in the corporate world.  She has given up her own identity and becomes the perfect wife.  The theme of Tina Turner's life story plays in the background and gives Lena hope that she too can find her own way. 

I really enjoyed this one and look forward to more from this author.  This story is one that has played out recently for a lot of my friends.  It is nice to see one where the woman wins and becomes a stronger person. 

Product Details

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (January 27, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0446542968

Obtained From:  Publisher

Learn more about the book and author:
Jacqueline Luckett's blog
Jacqueline Luckett on Twitter
Author article

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