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Now why doesn't someone come up with an idea like this for kids?


Every afternoon I give the dogs a kong ball.  I call it a busy ball since it keeps them occupied for about an hour. I do have to put an old blanket down under them since they make a mess with drool and all.  Schatze has figured out a way to wedge it between the couch and and get the treats out easier. 


  1. I have a toy similar to that for my dogs. It's a wonderful toy! It keeps them out of trouble and entertained for hours. They love it!

  2. Marty gets a regular Kong stuffed with treats every time he goes in his crate. He loves it and gets right in his crate whenever we even touch the Kong.

    Bosco can't be bothered, she only wants easy food.

  3. Nan -- I wish these would last for hours. They have figured out how to get the food out quickly. It is amazing to watch their minds work.

    Ria -- Blue used to only like the easy treats but since I don't give him them any other way now, he has figured it out. Schatze usually finishes first and then tries to steal Blue's


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