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Technical Difficulties

Yeah, today hasn't been my day as far as technology is concerned.  Some how I got a virus and had to reinstall Windows.  That was the ugliest error message I have ever seen.  No blue screen of death -- just little "a"s everywhere and some weird blue lines. 

And then....

Yeah, those wires should really be connected, but that is what happens when your are trying to prune the roses (that should have been done last month) and your clippers decide you have heard enough music today.

On the other hand -- I have a few rose blooms!

Jacob's Coat


  1. Where on earth do you live where roses bloom in February? Nice! Chopping your earbuds while pruning? Not nice. That is such a 'Chick Flick Moment' doncha think? ;) Sorry about your anti-tech day though :(

  2. I almost cut my ear buds once! I was cutting out tons of things for use in my classroom and I got a little vigorous with the cutting. Luckily I stopped myself just in time!

    I'm envious of those beautiful roses you have!

  3. I live in Southern California and this one bush blooms all year long except for the month after it has been pruned.

    LOL -- I never thought that it was a chick flick moment, but yeah -- it could be. Although stupid move comes more to mind. And yes, I knew better.

    The computer is pretty much a loss and will have to be reformatted I am using my husband's laptop now.

  4. THAT's what you get for having warm weather and roses blooming in February!

    We are buried under a bunch of snow and it's still snowing!

  5. Yes, there is definitely a price to pay for living here.

    I knew I should have put those wires inside my shirt.


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