State of the Blog #BEA13

I am going to Book Expo America!  YAY!  

I will be attending the Book Blogger Con on Wednesday and hope to hear all about the new books that will be released this summer and fall.  I also hope to bring back lots of goodies for everyone!

The winners for some of the giveaways I have going on right now may be delayed a bit as far as winners and shipping go.

My son and husband will be taking care of Schatze and I am going to really miss her a lot!  My son has promised to cuddle with her for at least one hour each day.  I suggested he take her to work with him, but that idea didn't go over so well.  Their office opens to a balcony that doesn't have dachshund safe rails.

Wish me luck on this adventure and if you are also going to BEA, please find me by sending me a tweet to @maryinhb


  1. it sounds like such a fun event! I am thinking I may try to go next year or wait till its in my neck of the woods (2015??) In CHICAGO!! Cant wait to hear all about it

  2. Hi,
    I’m so jealous. It must be an awesome event and a great place to network your blog. Unfortunately, here in Portugal (where I live), there are no events for book bloggers. Maybe someday I can attend BEA.
    I hope you will have a great time!

  3. Good luck!!!
    Have tons of fun and please take some pictures and tell us all about it.
    But most importantly enjoy yourself :)

  4. Hope you have fun! And I see Schatze tried to convince you to take her along by dressing up as your advisor! :) I'm sure she'll do swell with the guys! Happy travels!

  5. Ugh, I would love to make it to one Book Expo. Sadly, I'd get lost with all the books. Who wouldn't? Have fun.


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