FURday PhoDOGraphy Hummingbird Update


There are two baby hummingbirds in this nest.  
They are so well camouflaged, they are hard to see.
You have to look up towards the top middle of the picture!
They have doubled in size in just a week.

In case you missed Schatze's Easter Wishes -- 


  1. Truly amazing!

    It started with the snow flurries here this afternoon. I'm not sure I remember spring quite yet!

  2. Baby hummers and you have access to watch them grow, color me green as have never had the pleasure since they nest where we cannot see them here.

    I am with Shatze, yummy ham and yam's!

  3. lol, love the dog photo this time. I can't wait for the hummingbirds to show up this year.


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