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Giveaway Interview A BEASTLY SCANDAL by SHEREEN VEDAM @ShereenVedam

Book Description

 March 21, 2013

Lady Annabelle Marchant was a belle of the ball in London until she used her psychical senses to save a man’s life. She failed miserably, leaving him dead and her disgraced. All she wants now is a chance to comfort his widow by cleansing the woman’s home of her husband’s restless spirit. But the widow’s son, the beastly Lord of the Manor, accuses her of coming to the wilds of Cheshire to snag him as a husband. Thoroughly disgusted, she is bent on proving him wrong. Lord Rufus Marlesbury, the Earl of Terrance, is suspected of murdering his father. He has come home to clear his name by finding the real killer before the new year or the king has promised that Rufus will be called in front of the House of Lords to answer for the crime. He does not have time to waste fending off a marriage-minded miss who has inveigled an invitation to his home by playing on his grief-stricken mother’s worst fears. With an unruly manor ghost terrorizing the occupants and corpses piling up in the village, Belle must find a way to see the man beneath the beast and Rufus must learn to believe in the love of a woman who has no reason to trust him. Only by working together can they stop a vengeful ghost before it torments the guests or before the killer strikes again.

About The Author

Shereen Vedam was born on a tiny paradise island called Ceylon, later renamed Sri Lanka. Since then she arrived in Canada and moved across the provinces until she landed in British Columbia where she found a new paradise all her own, filled with people and pets and plants (including an awesome giant Weeping Sequoia) that nurture her love of reading, writing and dreaming.

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1. What is the first book you remember reading by yourself as a child?

The Famous Five series By Enid Blyton – about a groups of kids in England – Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) – and their dog Timothy. I loved Timothy and wanted a dog just like him for years later. I still want one. 2. What are you reading right now?

I just finished a YA by Terry Pratchett called A Hat Full of Sky. Highly recommend it even though it only has smidge of a hint of a shade of promised romance in some vague time in the future. But Terry Pratchett is an awesome fantasy author.
3. How does your garden grow?

By itself. Occasionally I go out and attempt to weed. Once I was outside having a chat with a Rose bush because it looked to be dying, and I was attempting to cheer it up. But neighbors walking by thought I was talking to them and stop to chat. Since then I do all my plant pep talks in whispers. The rose is thriving now. I also enjoy growing garlic, primarily because I can plant it in the fall and then forget about it until the summer when it’s time to harvest. Homegrown garlic is really sweet and tasty.

4. What is the last thing you Googled?

The etymology of the word, “psychic.” As a Regency author, I’m always googling the etymology of words, just to make sure I’m not using something unheard of in the early 1800s. By the way, apparently “psychic” wasn’t used until 1871, but the word “psychical” was in use and means, “of the soul, spirit, or mind.”

5. What makes you cringe?

Spiders. Whenever I find out, I save it and put it outside (if the cat hasn’t killed it first). In the fall, I also collect chestnuts when I’m out for walks and drop them all around the house, because I heard spiders hate chestnuts. A bit troublesome when I’m vacuuming, but it has cut down on the number of spiders I find.

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  4. Nice interview! I remember reading a couple of those Five books--the library only had a few.

  5. I've never heard that about spiders and chestnuts...interesting. And on behalf of fellow English major readers who love historical fiction, THANK YOU for being thorough about the language used during the time period. :D

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