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FURday PhoDOGraphy #SXSW edition

So no doggy pcitures today.  I am at SXSW for a few days and being a good mom, I helped my son get some pictures with people.

The first on is with Boot Riley, the next one is David (my son),  Lyndal Golding from the Specials (my husband is the other guy) , the new release post stamp with Jimi Hendrix and well, of course, Slash.

My work here is done.


  1. I feel cheated! I wanted a picture of Slash holding Schatze!

    Have fun. Find us some good Rock Fiction. And all that other stuff.

  2. I think I would have had a rock stars lined up to get a picture with Schatze. I have no idea what is happening today. Both Mike and David have their panels and they are not scheduled at the same time. YAY!

  3. Have fun! My daughter is currently down near the lake for one of the free concert sets. :-)


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