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FURday PhoDOGraphy Photo Bomb and a Story

So THIS happened.

It wasn't planned - you can see Schatze's missing teeth too!  

Neither was this: 

From my son after a stress filled day at his job in the music industry.  

I'm stressed and tired in the elevator after work tonight and an elderly woman wearing a trippy outfit gets on the elevator and first thing she says is "are you having fun?" I respond back "ya, sure," thinking thats an odd way to start a conversation, and she goes "the one thing I have learned in all my years on this planet is that life is about fun," I go "ok I hear ya on that," and then she says "us meeting was supposed to happen tonight so I can tell you this: music will make you happier than anything else in this life, go listen to something, go play something, let music bring you joy in your life" and with that she got off the elevator and went off into the night.....never met this lady in my life, she knew nothing about me, wasn't wearing any band clothing, and says that.....I didn't know that was what I needed to hear tonight til this woman said it to me, so thank you, universe, for these random droppings of surreal sh!t you throw into life, it definitely keeps things interesting.


  1. Both of these are great! Glad to see Schatze is bouncing around ok! And I think we all need occasional run ins like your son had!

  2. Sounds like something we all need to pay forward. So many times we come across a stranger and don't say a word. Love the picture.


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