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FURday PhoDOGraphy

I reseeded part of the lawn today and Schatze was on guard duty to keep the birds off of it.  Maybe she will lose that extra winter pound.  She really needs to lose that pound since she only weighs ten.


  1. She looks good to me, she's adorable! I have 2 lovely dogs and they love to lay out in the sun. Thanks for making me smile with this cute picture. ~Lauren

  2. Aww, did she do her duty well. She is too cute and does not need to lose any weight. Get off her back! Poor thing. :-p

  3. The vet has been after me forever to get her to lose that extra pound. She has arthritis and just like humans, the extra pound doesn't do her limp any good. She is getting more active now that the sun is out here. She hates the cold and just like anyone with arthritis. she can't move when it is cold.


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