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Happy Thanksgiving

We are cooking today!  I am trying Alton Brown's roast turkey recipe.  Getting THAT started was a true comedy of errors.  I turned the ice maker OFF instead of on, so at the last minute I had to rush to the store to buy ice for the brine.   I can't tell you how wonderful the brine smells! Schatze will be nearby to clean up any messes in case I drop the turkey.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with thanks, gratitude and family!  I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met online and share my love of reading.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. The man-child has decided to fry turkey this year (shudders) and has been working on it all week. Today he and his buddy are getting the bird out of the brine and getting ready for the even. Hope the rain holds off, as I want them out in the middle of the backyard for their event LOL

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, a friend gave us a smoked turkey so easy to fix side dishes was my favorite part of today and having 4 days with husband home even better!

  3. So, how did the brine thing work out? What did you put it in and how big a turkey did you have? We have seen Alton's show on that, but haven't tried it ourselves...yet!

    Hope you had a great day! Nice to have the family together for the holiday!

  4. My turkey turned out perfect -- except that my brother's family was an hour late so it got a bit cold. Sigh - I should know that I need to add TWO hours instead of the one I usually add when he tells me he will be there.


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