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FURday PhoDOGraphy

Yes, this week, Schatze caught the tail of a duck and came away with a feather.  Today she actually caught a finch.  I keep her on a leash at all times but she is super fast when it comes to birds.  I guess since she is on a diet (one more pound to go!) she needs some supplementing.

I guess she was better than another dog that slip his collar and chased down a rabbit or the Golden Retriever that broke his leash and decide to chase the birds into the lake.


  1. And you just know she was probably so proud of herself!

  2. lol, I love this picture. My dads dog is constantly trying to sneak into my room to sniff out and scare my guinia pigs since he ran up on me cleaning out their cage one time. He was all like, "what is this! Big hamsters!!! I love hamsters!!!" lol

  3. They like hunting. Cute photo. She looks ashamed (Maybe a little?)


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