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Friday PhoDOGraphy Duck Duck GOOSE!

So Schatze decided to chase a squirrel into a drainage pipe and then figured she needed to dig it out.  A duck was watching over on the side and then a goose came up several times to see what she was doing.  I had to keep her on the lease since she was trying very hard to go get the duck and goose, as well as some fish in the water.  I didn't feel like getting wet that day.

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  1. And of course, here in MN, it's duck, duck, grey duck! Our beagle 'captures' quite a few chipmunks in the drainpipes. And the other morning, leaving for work, I saw a turkey with five little babies next to the road! Quite the nature filled neighborhood this week!
    Happy weekend!

  2. And isn't it amazing how strong they are on those leashes when those other animals are around?

  3. Just doin' what comes naturally!

  4. I think little Schatze needed a bath after that drainage dig!

  5. Schatzie is fearless and I enjoy all the Pictures you end in. my Grandies also like looking the Pictures and think that he is a funny little Dog.
    Have a great Day.


  6. LOL-- Schatze also provided some entertainment to my two hounds! They loved the quacking. :-)

  7. My, she's an adventurous little girl! Does look like she's having fun.


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