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Friday PhoDOGraphy - Mouse in the House

This last week, Schazte, had been chasing something around the yard.  She caught it last Friday afternoon. It was a small grey mouse, so we are re enacting it here with a toy mouse for your enjoyment.  The real one is now dead.  Yes, Schatze is a killer and has notched another mouse on her collar.  The only problem is that while we were filming this, she took off and found two more real ones.  There is a nest or whatever you call a family of them, someplace in the yard.  I am going to have to clean up all the underbrush which keeps all of my birds around the yard.  Either that or keep Schatze outside more to hunt.


  1. Oh goodness. They do do their job don't they!

  2. EWW!!
    Although I can't talk, I've had to removed deceased rabbits...

  3. Schatze is not just adorable, but has proven to be useful too, huh? :) Yeah, it's weird and gross, and you're lucky to have Schatze around to help you clear the mes... go Schatze! :D

  4. This dog has many talents. Good for her!

  5. I am glad that your dog is a mighty hunter. Thanks for the cute video! :)


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