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Friday PhoDOGraphy State of the Blog Address

Schatze is preparing for her run for President.

Or, well, just world domination.

First off: we are hooked on the Game of Thrones.

We returned in one piece from SXSW.  Minimal beer spillage on clothes.  Saw lots of friends that we only seem to see there.  I forgot my camera so I didn't take many pictures.  It seemed lower key than previous years, but then again, we stayed away from 6th Street except for two nights. Eve 6 played two killer sets. I spent time with the guys answering questions about Jeri Smith Ready and her books.   I also got to see Breathe Carolina which I did video and now have to figure out how to upload from my phone.  Met the band and didn't even realize it.  Go Radio has a new single that should be the break up song for the summer.  I still have that stupid song running through my head.   I finished 4 books there and have about 20 reviews to write.

Sigh... Oh the new Christopher Moore book is spectacular.  You don't want to miss this one.
Whisper by Alyson Noel is another winner with a Ground Hog feel although it mostly takes place in Roman Times.


As soon as we returned  there was a family reunion.  Almost everyone made it except one nephew.  My oldest nephew ran in the LA Marathon.  I could follow him online which was extremely cool.  He only got half way before his leg started to bother him.  I ate too much cake, which is never a bad thing.  I think there were about 30 of us altogether.  My oldest great-niece is now in college - sigh - where did the time go?  I also felt very short.


I am horribly behind in reviews and reading.  I missed a lot of reading and writing time this week because of the travel and family stuff.  I came home to about 10 books.

My house is now clean, the laundry done and I need to go shopping since there is no food in the house except frozen stuff.  So all the major things are done and I can now go back to blogging!  '

For those of you using blogger -- there are big changes coming.  I just switched to the new look and I have to say I like it better.  The posting seems a bit easier to navigate since it is now a full screen.

Also, Gmail is changing and I am not a fan.  It just seems harder to read.

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  1. Thanks for the update from the road and a heads up on what may be a break out song! You may help me seem cool to the kids yet!


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