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Friday PhoDOGraphy - Spring!

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”  Margaret Atwood

First rose of the year!  The bushes are all budded out! 


  1. Love that spring/dirt quote!
    Miss Schatze you are so inspiring! You know just how to spend a spring day! Go girl!

  2. Beautiful rose! As you can imagine, we are way behind that here!
    However, we had the first rabbit of the year in our (fenced) backyard this morning. What seemed like minutes was really seconds while our beagle criss-crossed the yard, yowling away!

  3. My rose bushes are just budding their leaves, no flowers for a while. Love your dog!

  4. Our wildflowers are blooming, we have only planted a few things at the house but have a beauty of an Amyrillis that bloomed for me.
    Love your roses Mary, and go Schatze, just don't inhale too much flower pollen!


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