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Friday PhoDOGraphy (and an update)

Schatze wants to test the sprinklers....

On a happier note:

We went back to the vet on Tuesday and saw the one with dachshunds.  She said chances are that her back as well as her legs are the problem.  She said she would never recommend surgery for her since she could end up paralyzed with no use of her legs rather than just a limp.  Oh and no need for xrays since she responded so well to the pain mes.  We started small walks which didn't make her very happy since she wants to go explore. For the next few months, she will continue taking an anti inflammatory and start on glucosamine!  The same stuff my husband takes LOL!  She is going to get a lot of TLC next week when she boards at the vet.  She isn't going to be happy about this.  Watch for my updates on twitter about SXSW! 


  1. awww poor poochie i know they hate boarding at kennels. i wish i lived close or i'd doggie sit for you!

    have fun at SXSW!

  2. Glad to hear some good news for Schatze, even if she has to board! We are fortunate to have great, dog loving neighbors that have helped out with our beagle when needed! (and of course we return the favor for their dog and cat!)
    Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on how Schatze is doing :-) :-)

  4. Schatze sounds like a trooper, glad it worked out the way it did and sounds like she is typical of the breed Mary.
    SXSW please bring umbrella, warm under clothes and things you can layer and remove as like usual Austin is going back and forth with crazy temp changes and RAIN!

    DM me on twitter if you have a break, maybe we can meet up this year somewhere in Austin.

  5. @Julia She is not thrilled about the vet but they love her there and she will get some rest since she will be in a small run with nothing to bark at.

    @Amber -- thank you!

    @jackie -- I was reading the weather reports and may just take my rain coat even though it isn't fashionable. I saw a really cute one on sale that I may splurge on.... I always pack layers since I go from hot to cold in minutes these days! Maybe a sweater might be a good idea too! I am not sure about my schedule yet since there is a lot happening during the day this year. My son got me into a few shows during the day!

  6. Glad the meds are helping her. Funny how she and your husband have the same med.
    Hope you have a good trip, don't know what it is but have fun!
    Take care Miss Schatze, we love you!

  7. Fred took gluco & boy what a difference! Fred & I hope Schatze's better!

  8. OMGOSH Mina -- I forgot to link to you this week -- it has been crazy around here. She is so much better today!

    This dog is so sneaky, she found a way around the baby gates. I went out last night and left her upstairs. She was sitting on a chair in the living room, exactly where she is NOT supposed to be. No jumping and no stairs so I think I might have to drag the crate out again.


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