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Friday PhoDOGraphy

This is your dachshund.

This is your dachshund on drugs. 

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  1. yep that looks my dachshund well both of them I think if there is chicken around!!

  2. Happy Friday Schatze!

  3. Our dog has moments like that too! Happy Friday to Schatze!

  4. Man those are "gooood" drugs! :-) What a happy girl and boy do I remember that expression on my Mom's Weinstein dog when he was in a good mood, miss poor Rusty even after 30 odd years.

  5. Yes, she was in a wild mood this morning. Running around the house and chasing her tail.

    Isn't it funny how you can miss a dog even after 30 years?

  6. Mary it seems like it has not been that long but then everytime come to your blog on Friday Schatze reminds me of my mothers loveable and crazy dog. My strongest memories of him flying out the door and then down the street without a thought in his head but to go as far and as fast as he could until we caught him again to bring him home. A photo that we lost was of Rusty as an adult showing my black half setter half retriever puppy how to go up the concrete steps to get on our front porch. She has been gone for 25 years now and still think of her often.
    My babies have always been four legged and every one lost will live on forever in my mind no matter how long they have been gone, thank goodness for that as no photos left if any of them from childhood or our first 15 years of marriage as they all burned because we did not take our photo albums with us back in September. Thought about it, had one vehicle empty to pack all of them and got not do it so the fires got every negative, every framed photo and every picture in our albums.
    Sad to say there were no duplicates in the family either.


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