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Friday PhoDOGraphy

I had a lot of cleaning up to do this week and Schatze helped out by dressing up as a maid!

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  1. Mary, these phoDoGraphys always make me laugh. Just too cute again.

  2. Adorable. At first I thought it was a dominatrix outfit. lol

  3. That's so awesome. Will admit, I sort of had a similar thought as Christy. LOL

    I'm curious. Do you make the costumes yourself? Years ago I used to do a lot of sewing and I made a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) dress for my sister's poodle. I didn't have a pattern for it but it turned out really cute.


  4. She looks a little tired from all the cleaning!

  5. My hot water heater went out last week and it was a mess to clean up -- most of the reason I have been MIA lately.

    I thought the same thing Christy -- It has that plasticy feel too LOL!

    I don't make all of the costumes -- a lot are store bought and traded with my niece who has two little dogs. I save up my Target GC for their after Halloween sale.

  6. Mary ooolala, where is her dust ruffle cap to complete the outfit? Better yet where are the handcuffs, stilettos, whip and chains? LOL

  7. Haha, it always makes me laugh too! :)

    And BTW, I'd like to award you the Versatile Blogger Award! :) More info here:


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