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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Dachshund of Mass Destruction

If you don't give her the treats, she will shoot you with her laser eyes!

Don't forget to stop by FRIDAYS WITH FRED over at Mina Burrows blog HERE


  1. Mary, I love the photo but you should stop into our Facebook Writing group, It's called The Writer's of Mass Distraction. I think we need a mascot!

  2. I just adore this pic. There is just so much trust in her willingness to stand like this. Give her a holiday kiss for me.

  3. @DM - she will sit like that until I tell her to stop. She is begging and the vet said it isn't good for her LOL! Everyone feeds her when she does it, so she continues to do it.

    @TheDesertRocks -- heading on over there now!


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