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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Bye Bye Door

Any time I pick up my purse, Schatze heads straight for this door since it goes to the garage.  She also spins in circles and I have been trying to get video of that, but since she doesn't do it all the time, it is tricky.   I usually take her to the post office with me where she gets a lot of admiring glances and smiles due to the tail wagging demonstration. 

UPDATE: A quick video of my little whirling dirvish

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  1. I love Schatze and Fred...they make my Fridays great!

    She is so cute, and my dogs do the same when I grab my keys...isn't it great? lol Never gets old!

  2. What fun! I love the way Schatze also swings her head back and forth so quickly, wondering why the heck you aren't opening that door yet! There are obviously people on the other side who need to be wagged at!

  3. Awwww...thanks for the sharing the video! So cute! :-)

  4. @julia - Nope, no one else there, she knows the car is there and it takes her to new places. She loves car rides.

    @jamie -- isn't it funny- it is like these dogs are addicted.

    @amber - thank you so much!

    I need to get one of those booster seats for her.

  5. I love the video! She is so cute! I want to hug her. :)


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