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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Schatze is trying to remember where the bodies are buried.

Schatze had her teeth cleaned on Monday and the vet found something embedded in her gums.  A Bird Bone! I guess she is supplementing her diet with a little extra protein.  I guess you can take the dog out of the hunt, but not the hunt out of the dog. 

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  2. What a palate!
    Is that procedure that they put her out for or does it depend on the dog?

  3. @Julia -- they had a special muzzle on her for the teeth cleaning, so it was easy but not cheap. Another $66 for that and an antibiotic injection to be on the safe side. I still can't find any feathers or anything, so it may have been a while ago. She was not happy about it. She is a tough little thing. I am glad they found it before it was really stuck in there and infected.

  4. Hope you got a milkbone for being a good patient!!
    I enjoy seeing your pics, loved your pirate hat!

  5. Wow, I hope once Schatze feels up to snuff, there will be an extra Milkbone for her! What a trooper!


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