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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Dachshund Dishwashing Service

Have a broken dishwasher?  Schatze will now clean your plates free of charge!  Roast beef preferred. 

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  1. Needed her to visit back in May!

  2. My dachshund likes to eat ice. Such a weirdo.

  3. Yes, Julia -- mine is on its last legs! I get a new one Tuesday. The inside is falling apart.

    Schatze loves to chew ice as well. She likes to play with it too! Messy!

  4. Mary will not have that problem for a while as we are eating off styro plates and eating out all week due to being burned out by the Wildfires in Bastrop County. We lost the house and all the outbuildings and all our belongings, after 30 years of marriage that is a lot of stuff.

  5. April and Gracie look at us with sad eyes if they don't get to be the pre-rinse cycle...but some things aren't furbaby safe.

  6. Schatze is a real working girl!
    You have your own maid there!

    Jackie, saying I'm sorry for your loss doesn't seem adequate but I'm glad you and your family are safe.


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