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Friday PhoDOGraphy

And Schatze gets swag!
Actually, she is thinking that this beach towel would be perfect to chew up or use as a trapping device for birds.  She decided to gift me with a freshly caught one last Monday. I really didn't need that one.  Dachshunds are hunters, and if it flies, so much the better in her mind.  I will have to post some pictures of her lurking under bushes and lying in wait for unsuspecting victims. 

Look for an amazing giveaway from W. Bruce Cameron coming up on 8.15.11 during DOG DAYS OF SUMMER next month!

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  1. LOVE this pictures! So cute! My parent's dachshund puppy just hates birds! She barks and barks and barks at them!

  2. What a sweetie. I didn't realize she had an Annie Oakley side!

  3. What a pup! The beagle here prefers to chase bunnies and squirrels. I think she thinks they should be her friends.

  4. My Mom's dachshund Rusty used to chase and kill her laying hens and the baby chicks got slaughtered when they hatched out and were running around with the mother hen...

    Don't know what it is about a fluttering bird but pretty much every small dog we have ever had when I was growing up hated them, my Chihuahua viciously barks and snarls every time a bird flies outside the living room window...

  5. I wish she could teach my dog a thing or two. He spends hours watching the gophers in the backyard but doesn't do anything when they come out of their hole and get in his face! I wish he would kill them! lol

  6. Have a great weekend Miss Schatze!
    Love your new towel.
    I hate to see the summer fly by but I'm looking forward to those Dog Days reviews!


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