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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Stair Doxy

From: Magical Creatures of Hogwarts

The Stair Doxy is closely related to the Regular Doxy but come in different colors from blonde to red as well as multicoloured.  This form of Doxy lays upon stairs, preferably in bright sunlight, and trips unsuspecting people and then bites your ankles.  They can be placated with a good dose of grilled meat. 

Doxy (XXX)- It is also known as a biting fairy, because it has been mistaken for a fairy in earlier times. It has a miniature human form but is covered in thick black hair and extra arms and legs. They have two rows of venomous sharp teeth. If you are bitten, you should take an antidote. These are the creatures the Weasley’s, Harry, and Hermione had to get rid of in the Black house.


  1. If I get to lay in the sum all day, I'll be a doxy!

  2. Fun! Trust you to get in the HP reference today of all days! Did you hit the midnight show? Can't wait to see it, but I know it's the end of an era, so I kind of want to make it last too.

  3. Nope, I will wait for HP on DVD, I think my son will go tonight.
    Schatze seems to pick the most inconvenient place to get her sun.

  4. So cute!
    My dog is the same and always hunts down the sun in my house lol

  5. Just came across your blog from the Blogfest, and I love this Meme. Wondering if it would be ok I have participated in the meme each week! Let me know

  6. Schatze you are adorable!
    Darcy and Sophie tend to hang out in the sun too.

  7. How very cute and yes our pups do love to bask in the place most prone to cause an accident...

    HP on DVD, sounds good to me too!


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