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DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Q&A with CHET THE DOG from Dog On it by Spencer Quinn

If you don't know who Chet the Dog is, well, you haven't been around BookHounds long enough for me to insist that you get these wonderful mysteries.  

Here is a bit about Chet and Bernie:
  • Chet: A mutt of unknown heritage, Chet almost passed K9 police training. He narrates the story, offering entertaining insights into human behavior as well as hilarious commentary on his own personal habits.
  • Bernie: Recently divorced, private investigator Bernie struggles to pay the bills.
A giant thank you to Chet  for stopping by BookHounds today and for answering a few questions!

1. Cats: take them or leave them?
I don’t have the slightest problem with cats, unless one escapes up a tree, or yawns in my face, or lounges on a couch in that annoying I’m-better-than-you-are way, or otherwise crosses my path.

2. Do you prefer car rides or walks?
That’s like asking what’s better, Slim Jims or steak tips? I prefer them both.

3. Are clues best dug up or sniffed out?
Sniffing is huge in my business – I’m a partner in the Little Detective Agency, in case that needs mentioning. Sniffable clues are in the air just about all the time when it comes to humans, perps or not. The things I’ve learned from sniffing people! Don’t get me started. Digging is more of a specialized thing, important sometimes – take that Greyhound bus I once dug up, and what was with that name, anyway? – but on lots of cases I don’t dig at all, except for my own pleasure.

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  1. I have to admit that although I've had Chet on my to get list, I have not started yet. (hangs head).

  2. Sounds like a fascinating character! I'm new to BookHounds, but you can bet I'll be checking in often from now on.


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