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Friday PhoDOGraphy

It's my birthday!  (well, it was on 4.16)

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  1. Happy belated Birthday. Hope it was a good one.

  2. Happy belated bday! How you got your pup to model so sweetly is beyond me. Mine always looks cute til I pull out the camera!

  3. Happy overdue birthday, Schatze! Be good to your favorite human.

  4. Need info about this pup! Girl/Boy? Name is Schatze? How do you say that?

    I have three Dachshunds and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't put up with a hat on their heads. How do you dress up this dog?

    Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday Schatze!

  5. She will do anything for chicken -- although she is quite tolerant of the costumes, I only get a few seconds with hats.
    Thank you so much!

    You say her name shot zee -- it means treasure or beloved in German.
    We always had more than one dachshund at a time and my brother always equated them to schools of piranhas since they could strip anything related to food in seconds.

  6. Happy belated Birthday Schatze!
    Hope you get everything you dream of in the coming year!


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