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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Yep, I'm fat. 

Don't forget to stop by Mina Burrows's blog for FRIDAYS WITH FRED here.


  1. Mary not fat just tired from the sun's rays! I laughed at virtual Schatze on the sidebar, very good!

  2. Nope, Jackie, she is FAT! I am going to get a lecture from the vet again. She has been eating like a little piggy!

    If you click on the BB in the corner of Virtual Schatze, you can get your own!

  3. I am going to get a lecture too, my Tom cat Blade sleeps and eats and has gained probably 3 or more pounds too many since last August checkup... With both he and Shatze we have to watch for Kidney problems and of course with a weiner dog back displacement from too much weight!

  4. Love the sunny patio scene! Schtaze has a beagle friend in MN who is a bit sausage-like after a long winter as well!!

  5. Oh so much fun to be lazing in the sun after a cold winter!


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