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Friday PhoDOGraphy

One last sunny day before it rains again!

Don't forget to check out Fridays with Fred over at Mina Burrows' blog HERE.


  1. The sun looks so bright and the grass so green! Hard to believe it's February in your neck of the woods!

  2. With another dump of the white stuff currently underway, I can only dream of green grass and rain. Lucky dog! :)

  3. The snow is finally gone here, but now the rain is here.

  4. I love the dog pictures, so cute!

  5. Miss S you look so happy soaking up the sunshine!
    We have a bit of sun too but no green grass. So happy that the snow missed us last night!
    Enjoy yourself!

  6. So sweet! And so nice to see sun even if it is only in a photo. We've had way too much gray here in DC.


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