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Friday PhoDOGraphy

Wouldn't you like to find this under your tree?


  1. I think she would be sweet under the tree but I bet she wouldn't want to leave her home and family.
    Did Schatzy have a nice thanksgiving? She looks like she's ready for Christmas.

  2. I would like to find one 6 weeks old under the tree but do not think could face housebreaking another one so a stuffed Wiener dog would do!

    What a cutie and if she gets under your tree we need a pic of that too!

    jackie >_<

  3. What an adorable *furbaby*! I'd love this little gal under my tree, but I bet my two kitties would be terribly affronted LOL

  4. Too cute! I would be thrilled to receive such an adorable gift under my tree. :)


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