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ROCKTOBER: Jawbone Press

Jawbone Press publishes smart books for musical minds. We are an independent music book publisher based in London and San Francisco. We survived the last twelve months and intend to thrive over the next twelve by knowing our audience and giving them value for their money. Our advantage is that we are our audience - music savvy musicians and fans who need to dig deep into our favorite genres and artists. We rely on the full participation and cooperation of the subjects we cover, such as Jac Holzman's invaluable contributions to our history of Elektra Records or Todd Rundgren's revealing insights into the magic he achieves in the studio in the service of himself and others. Our authors are musicians and music historians who go straight to the source and offer more than opinions. We wrap all this information in a superior package full of rare or never-before-seen photographs - the kind of book you only lend to a good friend who can be trusted to return it. While we offer electronic versions of our titles our audience wants to own the physical book to display on their shelf and consult repeatedly. We believe the music we love and the musicians behind it deserve our best effort and so do our customers.

I am going to be featuring books from this music-minded press all month!  They have some fabulous titles. 
Check out there full range of titles at the website:  Jawbone Press

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  1. I'd love to see some of those photographs, sounds like a great book!
    Jessica @ Just Jess


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