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Please vote for your favorite pictures

Please help my brother out, he needs to pick the best 10 of his photos for a class.

Vote for your favorite 3 of this group and leave your email address for a drawing of a book from my "read" list. I have over 30 books to choose from. I can mail to the US and Canada.

Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4

Picture #5


  1. I liked 1, 3, and 5 but I had to choose them all....the google form won't let it submit unless all the questions are answered. I submitted but like I said 1,3,5, are my favorites. :)

  2. Thanks Kris -- I will get that fixed right not.

  3. Voting is fixed. I have 3 more sets to post!

    You will get an entry for each group you vote on.
    Thanks so much. You can vote until Friday.

  4. I voted for three photos, but my hands-down favorite it #3. I'd frame it and put it in my house!

  5. I agree, I really like #3 the best.

  6. Wow, he is quite a photographer!

  7. #3 is my ultimate favorite with #1 coming in as a close second. All the photo's are wonderful though and your brother really has an eye for lines.


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