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Movie Trailer: Age of the Dragons

This is a retelling of Moby Dick but instead of the whale, you get DRAGONS! Whoo-Hoo! When I first read about this, I thought it wouldn't be a mash up like all the other classics done with zombies, vampires, werewolves, but then again, maybe it is. Looks interesting.  Note the land yacht instead of a boat.


  1. ...

    I'm think the phrase I'm looking for is "what is this i dont even"

    Although, nice to see Danny Glover still getting work. Even if he does have bits of scenery stuck in his throat...


  2. So I get it, Danny Glover's character is after a white DRAGON! Ummm I think it might not be to bad if I just think of it as a dragon movie and that it has no association what so ever with Moby Dick. :)


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