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Friday PhoDOGraphy -- SPECIAL GUEST!

Rokki is a 12 year old pure bred Boston Terrier.  Rokki loves to play outside in Houston, but would rather be sitting on Courtnee's lap.  Who is Courtnee?  She is the editor in chief at THE BEST DAMN CREATIVE BLOG.  Any blog that has a dog as a mascot is a friend of mine.  So go check them out since the blog is about writing and writers and well, written stuff.  It is also pretty funny.  Don't blame me if you end up spending hours there. 


  1. My friend has a Boston. He is so expressive! Cute pics!

  2. Another star is born!
    My husband grew up with Bostons. There were still two in the family when I got there. (We have rat terriers now.) Is Rokki a he or she? Our 12 year old thinks he's cute.


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