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Sharing the love: God is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein

I just e-met Robin Epstein and thought everyone here shoud know something about this book. I think I really want to read this one now that I have seen the description!  I love snarky smartass characters!

Now, I have to ask her about that title.  I have made bunnies, puppies and kitties, but God has never shown up in my pancakes. 

This is from Robin's website:

god is in the pancakes

About the Book
Being optimistic doesn’t come naturally to Grace Manning, but this year has been especially trying. Her dad’s run off, she’s had to take a job at a nursing home for extra cash, and things are getting weird with her best friend Eric. At least the job is okay, thanks to Mr. Sands, a resident with Lou Gehrig’s disease who keeps up with Grace’s sarcasm, teaches her how to cheat at poker, and even lets her give him a Mohawk.
And then one day, Mr. Sands asks Grace to help him die.
Surely he didn’t mean for her, a fifteen-year-old smartass, to take him seriously?
But he does, and she can’t bring herself to tell anyone—not even Eric, despite her growing feelings for him. Grace tries everything from praying for a miracle cure to stuffing herself with pancakes, but she knows she can’t run from this decision forever. And whatever choice she makes, Grace knows it’s a decision she’ll have to live with…
Click here to read the first chapter of God is in the Pancakes.
Coming May 15, 2010 from Dial Books (Penguin)
You can buy the book here!:


  1. Sounds like a good read. I would have thought it would have a ligher read from the title.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  2. Thanks for sharing the info about this book. It looks really good. I like well-done, slightly snarky characters.

  3. Hi Mary! ^_^

    I think this book's a good read. And I agree with Bethie. It looks like a light read judging from the title. But after reading the description I sensed something heavily dramatic's going to happen especially in the ending.

    ^_^ Will be looking for that book.


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