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Linda Weaver Clark has two new GIVEAWAYS -- go check them out!

First Contest: Linda Weaver Clarke interviewed Author Kathi Oram Peterson who writes inspirational fiction for young adults. She is graciously giving away her book, “The Forgotten Warrior.” With the help of “time travel,” a sixteen-year-old girl, who has a black belt in karate, finds herself among the ancient American Indians. Posing as a boy, she has many adventures, but soon finds herself falling in love with one of the warriors. The contest will last until midnight of April 26 at

Second Contest: Linda Weaver Clarke’s book, “Melinda and the Wild West,” was just reviewed by The Book Connection. “Sweet historical romance… Memorable characters, an engaging plot, and the heartbeat of the untamed west combine to make Melinda and the Wild West a book that historical romance readers will enjoy.” A copy of my novel will be given away at and will last until April 30th.

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