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Dog Slobber Could Be the Next Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment - Cancer -

Wet kisses from man’s best friend could soon be showing us more than love. Researchers have found that the DNA on Fido’s tongue could be the key to new treatments for rare cancers in both humans and dogs.

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Dog Slobber Could Be the Next Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment - Cancer -

I always knew doggie kisses could cure a lot, but this would be fantastic!


  1. This is great news. My younger brother passsed away in 2003 from Leiomyosacroma, tumor of the soft tissue. We joined the online group for sarcoma and were amazed at the number of patients and the different types of sarcoma. The only cure (but temporary) is to remove the tumor and as much surounding tissue as possible. You will continue to have new tumors show up. My brother's was 17 cm when he felt it in his side. Two drs were treating him for a pulled groin muscle.
    Everyone, anytime you don't think the dr is right go for a second opinion. My brother did not.
    I had colon cancer in 99' and was sick for months before I finally had a sign of what the problem was, thought allergies, then sinus, then stomach and finally the cancer. I am one of the lucky ones as it was found early and had not spread. The chemo was worse then the surgery. But I am OK today.
    So many times people don't think their dr is right but don't want to upset the dr and ask for second opinion. Do not be afraid to ask. Your life is at stake so ask..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. I have heard this a lot, where the person and the doctors have no clue that it is cancer. I have you are feeling better now!


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