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Here we go again....

Blue will be 14 years old on December 24.  He was rescued from a pet store since he hadn't sold by six months and would probably have been -- well you know.  In the last few years we have had a lot of health issues.  There have been four surgeries to remove mast cell tumors that weren't supposed to return, but they did.  He has one that split open and will never heal, so that has to be bandaged and pretty much looks like a diabetic wound.  The only other option to fix this would be to amputate his leg.  I didn't think that would be appropriate given his age and how much it would cost. 

Then in March, he was hit by geriatric vestibular syndrome which does something to his inner ear and makes him walk like he is really drunk.  His balance is completely off, although this time he is not vomiting.  The vet had told me that it could return to his other ear and yesterday it came back.  I hope he recovers like he did the first time it happened.

UPDATE -- 12/9/09

He recovered again!  This dog is just full of miracles.  Blue is still a bit wobbley but is up and about demanding treats again.  His head is now cocked a bit to the right instead of left...maybe it will all even out. 


  1. Aw, poor Blue. Is he on meds for the GVS? I hope it goes away very soon.

  2. Blue is in my thoughts & prayers.
    My MJ is currently recovering from surgery to remove 11 tumors. She looks like the bride of frankie. She has skin cancer & we have to keep up with the tumors. It is so agonizing.
    Love & Hugs,

  3. Thank you so much!
    Blue is taking Bonine -- yes, seasickness medicine. He is still on prednisone for the cancer issues. I have my fingers crossed that we will get through this one as well...
    Pamela -- is your MJ white? I have a friend that has a white pit bull and the same issues. He is dressed in a "moon suit" during sunny weather to protect his skin.

  4. Awww, poor Blue. He looks like such a sweet dog. I love older dogs, they have a special place in my heart.

    Marty, our six-year-old Bagle has cancer, too. He has lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. It's quite an ordeal when you have a sick pet, but it's also very rewarding. They give us so much love.

    My thoughts and with you and Blue. I'm wishing you both well.

  5. MJ is a golden retriever. Her coat is light gold. She right now has a t-shirt on covering some of her stitches. She is one to roll around in the leaves dirt anything so I have to go out with her. It snowed last night and she loves the snow. Wouldn't you know I turned my back on her and there she was rolling in the snow, the little bugger.

  6. Aw Blue; I hope he'll be okay this time around! He's so old - I'm sure he's had a long and full and wonderful life with you. What a beautiful dog. I hope she'll recover soon!

  7. Hey! He has almost recovered! He is just full of miracles...


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