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Blue and sudden illness

Blue is my 13 year old Australian Shepherd. He is such a love! Yesterday morning he was struggling to stay upright, his eyes were racing back and forth and his head was tilted to the right. I was lucky that my vet could get him right in within hours. He was perfectly fine last night, in fact, he was running around the house and playing with Schatze, the new dachshund in our lives. He was even fine that morning when he went outside around 5:30 am to do his business with no problem. Around 7 am when I was getting ready to take him on his walk to the beach, he couldn't stand upright. He looked drunk!

The vet thinks he has Idiopathic Vestibular Disease or an ear infection. He is now on antibiotics and Bonine for the dizziness. He is a little better today. His eyes are no longer racing about and he can hold his head up without falling right over.

I had never heard of this illness before and it was quite scary to experience it. At first I thought he was having a stroke, but now know that dogs don't really have strokes like humans. I was glad to find out that this is probably a temporary problem and usually clears up by itself in a week or so.


  1. I am glade that this is a temporary problem. I hope all will be well for Blue.

    Also I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. It is the Proximidade Award. Come on over at see what it is all about

  2. What a sweet face, and I'm glad he knows he's loved and cared for. Sending good vibes and prayers from the Corgi Circle. One of my children is a mix of Aussie Cattle Dog and Cardigan Corgi. Also have Pembrokes.


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