Authors - Need an Editor? Check out West of Mars @westofmars

It's happened to the best authors: pushing PUBLISH before the book's truly ready and error-free.

The good news is that in today's digital-publishing world, an author doesn't have to live with that. It can be fixed.

The wordsmiths at West of Mars are always glad to fix the typos and poor grammar in your older books, all while preserving your unique authorial voice.

Mention BookHounds and receive the existing client rate. No pressure to use West of Mars as your full-time editor, either, unless you like what you see. And you will. 

Susan is one of my favorite authors, bloggers and people.  

I know she will cringe when she sees that sentence.  Someone has to keep her in business.   I didn't use a comma after bloggers.  I was taught to write with an AP style book by journalists, not by English teachers.   Even though we argue about punctuation, I would trust her with my words.   


  1. just bookmarked them for future reference-I'm currently working on a non-fiction memoir of my weight loss journey, and will need editing services down the road :)


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