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 October 1, 2013

Duffy’s World is part memoir, part dog owner’s manual, and narrated primarily from a dog’s point of view. As Duffy’s owner chimes in with her own perspective, readers will recognize their own joys and challenges that mark the territory of the human/canine relationship. From eating anything and everything, to a profound fear of needles and bee stings, to being “released” from dog training school, Duffy’s never-ending zest for new experiences is the source of his owner’s greatest frustration and most profound life lessons.

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About the Author
Faith McCune’s beloved father passed away when she was eight. Her first dog, Prince—a gift from her mother—helped her cope with the loss and brought joy into her heart again. Many years later, Duffy came into her life and reawakened her passion for dogs.

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My Thoughts Loved it

McCune decides she wants a puppy, and like most people, doesn't really consider the breed and all of the training necessary to bring up a dog. This book is about her experience bringing home an adorable Australian Shepherd and what it takes to have a wonderful companion and good canine citizen. I don't think she realized when she picked out this cute puppy that Aussies are one of the smartest breeds around. I didn't either when I got mine.  This story is part memoir, part puppy manual and a whole lot of fun!

Interspersed with the author's odyssey to train her pup, Duffy, she relates what she thinks her dog is thinking.  I know I have done this myself.  And once you get to know your dog and really communicate with them, you really do know what they are thinking.  The parts where Duffy "thinks" and told in his voice are fun and sweet.  I really had to laugh at how accurately she describes how how an Aussie thinks, they really are so intelligent.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I got my Blue, but he turned out to be the best dog ever after going through much of what McCune went through to train him.

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