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May 14, 2013

Living with three strong-willed, highly individual Dachshunds can be equal parts entertaining, frustrating and rewarding. Just ask Matt Ziselman.

Armed with a fresh, creative voice that is unabashedly cranky one moment and profoundly poignant the next, Ziselman mixes hilarious canine stories, with heartfelt reminiscences from his own life, the results of which is a memoir of illuminating life lessons, courtesy of the three thoroughly Teutonic Dachshunds that he shares his life (and couch) with: Baxter, Maya and Molly. Seemingly mundane moments, like Baxter's incessant, neuroses inducing staring, Maya's inexplicable refusal to walk through the front door and Molly's obsessive compulsive love for a torn and tattered blanket become, through Ziselman's insightful eyes, a treasure trove of observations that any dog-lover will appreciate. In a market where Americans spend more than $40 billion a year on their pets, this work of razor-sharp wit and quiet tenderness will reach out and grab readers everywhere by the heartstrings and-quite possibly-their leashes.

HOUNDED wraps universal insights in hot-dog-shaped packages, providing true dog lovers with many knowing nods, honest belly laughs and an accurate, warts-and-all reflection of the fascination, wonder and love that they have for their dogs.

And that Matt Ziselman obviously has for his.

About the Author
Matt Ziselman grew up in Long Island, New York. By the time he was twenty-five, he had worked as a stock boy, cab driver, landscaper, movie theatre manager, nightclub promoter, garbage man, stagehand and other assorted, deeply unfulfilling occupations. In other words, Matt was destined for advertising. First as a copywriter, and later as a Creative Director, Matt has been involved in marketing some of the world's leading brands, where his work has won numerous industry awards. When he's not placed in the awkward position of having to refer to himself in the third person, Matt lives in New Jersey where he tries to keep three Dachshunds, a 12-year old daughter and one wife blissfully happy, but not necessarily in that order.



 Zen and the Art of Dachshund Maintenance.

Matt Ziselman had discovered the magical properties of owning a dachshund, or rather, being OWNED by a dachshund.  Well, in his case, three, because you know, dachshunds can be addicting.  After suffering the loss of both his parents by age 26, several dead-end jobs, despair and depression, he finally meets the girl of his dreams and also gets the dog that is required by every happy family.  In his case, this dog is Baxter, a standard size black and tan dachshund with all of the graces and goodness that is found in this breed.  Baxter quickly leads to Molly, a mini, that in spite of her size, rules the pack and Maya, a rescue from a breeder.  Maya is the most stoic dachshund I have ever read about.

We follow the author through life lessons with the help of his dachshunds.  He discovers that you can learn a lot from  dogs, especially ones so close to the ground. Several of the experiences he has with his pups are ones I can totally relate to.  My favorite tale was the bat.  With woods behind their house, Maya comes back to the house proudly displaying her catch:  a live bat.  I have personally dealt with my dachshund catching mice, birds and lizards, but I would really freak out if my dog brought back a bat, much like the author and his family.  Of course, there are the humorous stories of the dogs and their bodily functions, both internal and external, and dachshunds have these quirks in spades.  It is a good thing they are easily washed in a sink since they tend to roll in stuff frequently.  

As Ziselman and his dogs grow together, they also develop that special bond that can only come from catering to a small dog.  You learn that they rule the house, their wish is your command and you won't have it any other way.  I really enjoyed the humor as well as the little proverbs at the end of each chapter that appear as Dachshund Life Lessons.  This is a must buy for dog lovers, particularly those who smile when they hear some one yell, "WIENER DOG!".

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  1. I really enjoyed this book, it was such a cute, heartwarming read! I reviewed for NOR via Net Galley. I don't understand how anyone couldn't fall in love with the soulful eyes of a Dachshund!! :))


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