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Even the best writers want to know how to write more powerfully.
You may write blog posts, e-books, e-mails, executive summaries, e-zine articles, hospital-hallway signs, presentations, proposals, lab reports, letters to the editor, love letters, lunch-bag notes, movie reviews, news stories, novels, online help, plays, poems, proposals, recipes, reference manuals, scholarly critiques, speeches, term papers, tweets, user-interface text, video scripts, web pages, or white papers.
You may write for a million readers or for one. You may use a pen, a typewriter, a wiki, or an XML authoring tool. You may be a grammar snob, or you may think that "grammar snobs are great big meanies." You may write because something within you says you can't not write--or because your boss says you can't not write. No matter what you write, or how or why, you and every other writer have two things in common: you use words, and you want someone to want to read them.
How do you get people to want to read your words? Know your subject. Know your audience. And write powerfully. This book can help you write powerfully.

About the Author
Marcia Riefer Johnston's words have appeared in the scholarly journal Shakespeare Quarterly, the professional journal Technical Communication, the weekly newspaper Syracuse New Times, and that user guide you used last week and didn't swear at.

Publication Date: April 27, 2013


This book is a true gem!  I really wish I had access to something like this while I was in college and questioning my writing skills.  The grammar rules you thought you knew, but somehow forgot, are brought back again with quick wit and easy to understand language.  A reference guide like this will be welcome on anyone's shelf especially since Riefer Johnston uses a lot of humor to get her points across.  I especially enjoyed the Whom versus Who discussion. I have always had a devil of a time getting those straight.

I have to give extra points for the index which lets you get straight to the answer for those specific questions about commas, hyphens and other nit-picky things that grammar fiends adore.  There are a lot of writing manuals available but this one is easy to understand and very accessible.  There are also a lot of tips to make your words more powerful and ways to captivate an audience.  This book is a winner!

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