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December 18, 2012

The very best of Punk—the legendary magazine that defined an era—finds new life in this stunning anthology, featuring original articles along with behind-the-scenes commentary and the backstory on eachissue as told by editor-in-chief John Holmstrom. Punk was the Bible of the urban counterculture movement. It not only gave punk music its name, but influenced the East Village art scene and steered the punk aesthetic and attitude. The Best of Punk Magazine includes high-quality reprints of hard-to-find original issues, as well as rare and unseen photos,essays, interviews, and even handwritten contributions from the likes of Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Lester Bangs,Legs McNeil, Lenny Kaye, and many more. For collectors, lifelong punks, and those just discovering what punk is all about, this is the chance see the history of the movement come back to life.

About the Author
John Holmstrom is a cartoonist and writer and co-founder (with Legs McNeil) of Punk magazine. He illustrated the covers of the Ramones albums Rocket to Russia and Road to Ruin, and created the characters Bosko and Joe, which were published in Scholastic's Bananas magazine from 1975-1984, as well as in Stop! Magazine, Comical Funnies, Twist, and High Times. Holmstrom's work and unmistakable artistic style has become the key visual representation of the Punk era.




Everything you ever wanted to know about Punk Magazine but were afraid to ask. This is one of the best anthology table books I have come across in a long time and covers the rise of punk in New York City.  I wanted to be Debbie Harry in 1977, worshiped the Ramones and hung on any shred of information I could get while growing up in Los Angeles in the midst of a hair metal.  I still have my Blondie button "we are a group" and my Ramone's shirt.  This book brought back so many memories of that time period.  There is the infamous Warhol cartoons reproduced and you can spend hours getting lost in the pages. I used to beg any one going to NYC to bring these zines to me and it is nice to have everything in one wonderful book.

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  1. Sounds awesome-I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for sharing!


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