Friday PhoDOGraphy

My camera died so this is taken with my cell phone -- not bad!  I caught Schatze in between hunting for mice in the yard.  So far she is up to 4 now.  I haven't seen any more.  I had to have vector control come out and check the yard.  He found a few places they were nesting so lots of plants have to be cleared out.  I think it is just a problem since we live to close to the wetlands and we back up to an open space.  There are rabbits, coyotes, possums, hawks and probably other things I would rather not know about.

I also took off a few days from blogging to get caught up around the house.  I will have lots of winners announced tomorrow!

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  1. A lot of phones take amazing pictures these days! How did we live without them?

  2. Beautiful pic of her just relaxing, enjoying the day.


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