ROCKTOBER: Metal Rules the Globe by Jeremy Wallach, Harris M. Berger and Paul D. Greene


During the past three decades, heavy metal music has gone global, becoming a potent source of meaning and identity for fans around the world. In Metal Rules the Globe, ethnographers and some of the foremost authorities in the burgeoning field of metal studies analyze this dramatic expansion of heavy metal music and culture. They take readers inside metal scenes in Brazil, Canada, China, Easter Island, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Nepal, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, and the United States, describing how the sounds of heavy metal and the meanings that metalheads attribute to them vary across cultures. The contributors explore the dynamics of masculinity, class, race, and ethnicity in metal scenes; the place of metal in the music industry; and the ways that disenfranchised youth use metal to negotiate modernity and social change. They reveal heavy metal fans as just as likely to criticize the consumerism, class divisiveness, and uneven development of globalization as they are to reject traditional cultural norms. Crucially, they never lose sight of the sense of community and sonic pleasure to be experienced in the distorted, pounding sounds of local metal scenes.Contributors. Idelber Avelar, Albert Bell, Dan Bendrups, Harris M. Berger, Paul D. Greene, Ross Hagen, Sharon Hochhauser, Shuhei Hosokawa, Keith Kahn-Harris, Kei Kawano, Rajko Muršič,Steve Waksman, Jeremy Wallach, Robert Walser, Deena Weinstein, Cynthia P. Wong

About the Author

Jeremy Wallach is Associate Professor in the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He is the author of Modern Noise, Fluid Genres: Popular Music in Indonesia, 1997–2001.
Harris M. Berger is Professor of Music at Texas A&M University. He is the author of Stance: Ideas about Emotion, Style, and Meaning for the Study of Expressive Culture and Metal, Rock, and Jazz: Perception and the Phenomenology of Musical Experience.
Paul D. Greene is Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and Integrative Arts at Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine. He is a co-editor of Wired for Sound: Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures.


  • Paperback: 392 pages
  • Publisher: Duke University Press Books (November 28, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0822347334
  • ISBN-13: 978-0822347330

This one is a shout out to Susan over at West of Mars.com -- she has a ton of Rocktober posts as well...so go check it out!


  1. Rocktober is always so interesting!

  2. Wooooo Happy Rocktober!!
    Thank you for this review,two of my favorite things..METAL and books:)
    Definitely gonna read this one

  3. Not only do I need to read the book, I have a bunch of connections to the author. I gotta meet this man!

    I'll link this up over at West of Mars. Just 'cause I like you.

  4. @Susan I saw this on NetGalley and immediately thought of you LOL!
    Go get an account so you can read it!
    @Julia - I still have to post the mystery box - of course it is music themed!

    @Crystal -- I have a bunch more to post soon!

    BLONDIE tonight!


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