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I received a very nice email from a another blogger that I want to share with everyone.   Ali is a real writer, unlike my amateur attempts.  She is doing a really interesting thing over at her blog.  Here is part of the note she sent me: 

From Ali at 12 Books in 12 Months

The idea was inspired by National Novel Writing Month, an initiative aimed at getting people to write 50 thousand words of their first novel in 30 days, which I completed last November.

I reached the word count  surprisingly easily, so I decided to give myself more of a challenge.  I am aiming to complete 12 first drafts of genre fiction books by the end of this year, then in 2012 I will write a book about the process that will also include interviews with publishers and published authors. 

It is an interactive project, so I would like people to suggest ideas, character names, themes, or challenge me to include things in each book via the website, twitter etc.  It would be absolutely fantastic if you and your blog readers got involved!  The thinking behind getting people's suggestions is to test whether people really know what they want to read, to which end I am going to try to get each book published.  If any of them get picked up, the proceeds will go to charity as I can't claim money for other people's ideas.

So there you have it, want to be part of the writing process?  Go sign up HERE


  1. Power to this author!! Good luck!!

  2. Very interesting proposal. I will be curious to check on her progress throughout the year.


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