Up For Pups! Don't Kill Bill - A Celebration of Rescued Dogs

As you know, I am all about the dogs! I fell in love with Kyla's books and everything that Happy Tails Books stands for. Well, dogs need more help.

Unique advocacy event needs your support 

After Kyla Duffy's first Don't Kill Bill performance at Blogpaws in September, the Blogosphere was abuzz with videos and reviews. It entailed an aerial fabric performance (think Cirque du Soleil or that hotel commercial with the lady swinging from the drapes) set to beautiful music by animal advocate Marilyn Milano and a slide show about puppy mills and volunteering with rescues.
Duffy, who is the founder of both Happy Tails Books and Up For Pups, has expanded that performance and is taking it to the stage for the first time on February 12th, 7:30pm, at The Dairy in Boulder, CO.
Through multimedia storytelling and aerial acrobatics set to Milano's music, Don't Kill Bill raises awareness about puppy mills and encourages people to get involved with rescue organizations. Rescues will be present in the lobby to talk about their adoptables and volunteer opportunities. Proceeds from the show will be used to further Up For Pups animal advocacy efforts.
Kyla needs our help, as this is the first time she's ever done something like this, and she would very much like to sell out the show to demonstrate the importance of animal rescue organizations to our communities. Purchase tickets here

If you can't make it to the event, you can still show your support and help rescue by purchasing an audio book. The stories presented in the show are drawn from the four-hour-long Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! audio book, which that take you on a journey through the hardships and joy of animal rescue through 55 rescue tales.
The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! audio book is available now for download or as a 4-CD set mailed to your door. It's a great way to show your love for rescued dogs and receive something lasting and enjoyable in return.

So if you are in the Denver area, be sure to check out Don't Kill Bill!  

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  1. Thanks for posting about Don't Kill Bill! There's a promo of the the puppy mill/rescue volunteering slideshow I'll be performing to at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSgtWSDBelg It's an older version, but I thought your readers might enjoy it anyway. Woof!


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