Friday PhoDOGraphy

Almost everyday for the last two weeks, Schatze has been homing in on this tree and trying to climb it.
I didn't have the two camphor tress in the yard trimmed this year since we have a lot of small nesting birds.  This year the wind blew a bunch of small limbs down and I could finally see up in the branches.

And when I finally looked up in the tree, there is a huge nest.  That big dark splotch in the center is one of the biggest nests I have ever seen.  There is a falcon or small hawk that has always hung around our backyard and I know it eats birds since there are feathers everywhere about once a week.  This bird hunts be driving the smaller birds into the side of house to stun it, which is how a harrier hunts.  I am not sure since we do have falcons in this area as well and they look similar.


Oh, and there is one of the squirrels that hang around our back yard, right in the middle of the picture, probably laughing at Schatze. 

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  1. That's quite a nest! What an interesting thing to have in your yard, too bad it eats birds.

  2. Schatze must have a good nose! She will surely keep you alerted to anything going on in your yard. nicolesender(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. I cannot resist to be amaze by your dog and the beauty of harrier and the falcon.
    Your yard is a natural habitat for animals.Thanks for sharing this cute story.


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