Friday PhoDOGraphy

Schatze's new perch. 

We couldn't find her and looked all over the house.  When it is a little dark in the room, she blends right in with the chair.  I must have walked by her several times before I thought to look there.

Be sure to check out Fridays with Fred over at Mina Burrows' blog HERE.  It looks like the dogs are all lounging around the furniture this week.


  1. Ah, Schatze, another great pic! I think I've mentioned our dog's love of burrowing behind the pillows and throw on the couch. Sometimes it's tough to tell which end she's on!

  2. How adorable. I love dog photos. I actually posted one of my own today along with a fun contest you might want to enter. ;-)


  3. So cute!
    My dog also sits on pillows, bless them =)

  4. Mary my cats do the same thing in my living room... They get in the pet bed and lay down so low that you lose them to sight. I have come in the room and looked right at the cat in the bed and could not see them!

    Schatze however really does match that little cushion bed perfectly, lucky dog with such a soft place to rest!

    jackie >_<

  5. I just love her dainty look - like a princess. Love her! Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!

  6. Schatze I think you are practicing camouflage. You do look like a princess on her bed. Is there a pea under it all?

  7. Aww adorable! I have a pit bull, her names Virgo. She practically lives on the couch. If someone is on the couch, she HAS to be on there with them. If they have a blanket, she HAS to be under it. It gets really annoying when there's 3 people seated on a 3 seater couch and she still has to get up there. I do love her though, lol.

  8. We went out for a few hours today and Schatze stays in the room with that chair. She stayed there the whole time since her bed and blanket weren't touched! I think she can see out the window from there as well.

  9. Oh she is absolutely adorable! Reminds me very much of my dearly departed Winston. Big hugs to her in all her "blendable" cuteness. Thanks for sharing a smile...


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