Beck's Book Picks: Pass It Forward (1) (Giveaway)

I just signed up for this new MEME -- I normally don't participate in many, but this is only a  monthly commitment and I always have something to give away.  

This is from Beck's Book Page:

It's time for the first Pass It Forward! This is a giveaway! There will be a linky below for you to add your  book giveaway to the Pass It Forward Hop. Here are the few rules to it.

  • Add a book to the hop if you would like and or just enter. Be sure to add the Pass It Forward button to your post. (On right side bar. I could not get it to work in the post for some reason, I apologize.)
  • Write your blog address in the book so as the book gets passed a long, so does your blog.
  • It doesn't have to be the next month, but hopefully after reading the book, you will enter it into another months Pass It Forward.
  • Please have your contest run for a week. You can choose to have it run longer if you decide to.
  • Its your choice if you want to have a comment giveaway or use google docs. 
  • Be sure to check back here to periodically to see any new books listed. You can enter them all month if you choose to do so.
  • Please write a short review to the book or point them in the direction of a review you may have posted earlier.
  • Have fun!
 Since this is my first time doing this, of course, I did it wrong.  I was never very good at following instructions.  I didn't include the icon on my posts and I didn't limit it to just bloggers, I will in the future. 

Here are my giveaways:

FOREVER YOUNG (adult) Keeper by Kathi Appelt HERE
BookHounds: To Have Not by Frances Lefkowitz HERE

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Beck's Book Picks: Pass It Forward (1) (Giveaway)


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